Free calculator for improving your project estimates, based on the historical estimates and actual hours. Useful for one-off projects in digital bureaus.

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Agile methodologies resolve the problem of running over the budget, but not every project can be and should be agile.

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“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” is a management mantra that I often hear as a UX designer. But the “experience” seems to be one of those nebulous, immeasurable things. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Design Sprint is a fantastic tool in the innovation toolbox. But just as real tools, it works well for specific tasks and bad for others. What criteria should a good sprint question meet?

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“We want to get to know you better”, “What did you think about …?”, “Share your experience with us”, “We are curious about your opinion”… You see online surveys everywhere, and they are often top-of-mind if you want to learn something about your (potential) customers. When is it a good idea to use a survey for customer research?

A survey is very easy to set up. But it is even easier to set up a bad survey.

Soft skills are indispensable for UX designers. Communication and “being human” are equally important as hard skills for a good UX designer. UX itself is communication: towards the users, but also to the people in your organisation.

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Why (new) tech succeeds

South park episode ‘Quintuplets’

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